Welcome to argv

November 21, 2010 | categories: Me

So, I've had my blog and my twitter account for a while, and sometimes the constraints imposed by both formats has led to thoughts that didn't really have a place. Too long for Twitter, not long enough for a full blog post.

To top that off, Twitter lost all my tweets from when I started using it to about a month ago, further making me want to bring my content under my own control. This also rules out using Tumblr for this blog.

Taking some inspiration from Zed Shaw and his many sites, I've set up a seperate blog for these shorter posts. I'm not going to take it to the extreme of one blog per topic, however.

Also, for some technical experimentation, this is powered by blogofile, a Python blogging program which takes posts in Markdown and renders it to a static site. This does mean that it won't have comments initially, but I have strong opinions on the need for comments, so I'm looking for how to deal with that. I don't particularly like Disqus (it's way too bloated), but I'll probably end up needing to use that.